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Introducing the new Pixie Feather Lite Hoop. Weighs just over one pound. The same Pixie Travel Hoop design you love, carried & spun by thousands, featuring new extra light materials!

This hoop is designed to take your hooping to the next level. The small size & lightness makes it ideal for breaks, stalls, off the body tosses & rolls. The lighter magic grip tape ensures that the hoop has a slipperier surface making it float like a feather around you. Designed for professional hoopdancers & advanced hoopers ready for the next step!

Custom Design only…
you choose the size, tapes & magic grip style.

Price: CND $65 with free shipping in Canada

Our new 2011 Workshop Series starts in January…

The hip new workshop that’s changing lives.
Hooping Vancouver, Victoria and Powell River Registration is online now!

Hoopdance is an energizing, fat-burning cardio & muscle-sculpting hula hoop workout that is fun, creative & sexy! Learn to use a weighted exercise hoop & integrate hooping with elements of dance & fitness. Hoopdance is easy to learn & great for boosting your mood & getting in shape.

Featuring locally made fitness hoops, Pixie Hoops are larger & slightly weighted with special grip tape that increases the ease & workout qualities!

We have a Winner!!

Miss Kim Lannelli of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.

This summer we asked for some Pixie help… from far & wide submissions for new hoop design combos came streaming in. The winning combo is now part of the NEW 2011 Neon Circus Collection.

Miss Kim of Ontario is the mastermind behind the new Magic Trick Hoop!
To show our love & thanks Kim gets a NEW HOOP from the collection as a prize.

Step right up! The Pixies are spinning through town & they’ve brought the neon circus with them!

This is your chance to be a part of this super star show & take the spotlight with one of these striped, limited edition hoops!

Introducing our new 2011 travel hoop collection:
The Ring Master, Big Top, Madame Tutu, Electric Gypsy, Magic Trick & Fortune Teller.

Featuring free shipping in Canada!

Circus Groove Vancouver featuring Hulio Hoop!
{{ aka Mr. Sparkles }}

Have you ever thought that you might run out of hoop tricks, or that your hoop practice could plateau?

Twin hooping, foot hooping and partner hooping.. who knew!
Dive into the circular motion of the hoop and discover your circus hoop style. This workshop is for hoopers who have a basic hoop practice and are able to hoop in both directions.

Featuring guest instructor Hulio Hoop! Professionally trained in acrobatic yoga and hand to hand acrobatics, Hulio is certified by iHOOPu Hoopdance in Montreal. Recently Hulio has graced the stages of international festivals such as the Montreal Jazz Festival  with his performance circus style of hoopdance!  Let’s get circular in this Montreal style,circus hoop workshop.

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